Ningbo Rongke Maite

Ningbo Rongke Maite NC Tool Co., Ltd is China indexable drills manufacturersandindexable drills factory. Our products include U drills, modular deep hole drills, spade drills and inserts, detachable head drills and so on which keep improving constantly. Our wholesale indexable drillshave carried out quality management according to ISO9001. Quality is the basement of our factory, to ensure the stable using of the products for the customer is
our mission. At present we have plenty of HAAS machining centers, five axis grinding centers and special inspecting instruments, etc. Company lead formalizing industry standards of modular indexable insert deep hole drill, we own six national invention patents and many utility patents, contribute our share to improving domestic cutting tools industry.

Teknik product includes:

— U Drill
— Spade Drill Insert
— MDD Drill
— Saber Tooth Drill